Our Mission

We want to build low cost and low power computers suitable for the developing world. Most of the desktop computers used in the industrialized world are based on x86 processors which are both expensive and power hungry. To meet our needs we use ARM CPU’s as they are produced by multiple semiconductor vendors and require less power.  Such computers can easily be powered by solar energy or battery while also being cheaper.

Android has become a very successful OS for phones and tablets. While not really a desktop OS we cannot ignore the huge number of applications and  games readily available for Android. The success of Raspberry Pi underlies the need for a cheap computer to teach and learn programming. Debian is the OS that powers this popular device. Unfortunately Debian and Raspberry Pi don’t have any commercial applications to make it suitable as a general purpose computer.  With our VOLKSPC OS  we have addressed this serious limitation. It can run both Android and Debian applications and user can install them from Google play store or Debian repository.

Debian and Android ARM PC

You can now buy our unique solid state quad-core, 1.5Ghz Cortex A53, ARM PC that has access to a huge number of Android and Debian applications. It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB EMMC and is sufficiently powerful to meet the needs of most users. Please contact us for OEM orders.