There are already 100+ distributions for Linux. Why create  yet another distribution ?

VolksPC OS is focused on ARM rather than x86.  Our Debian desktop runs smoother and faster than other distributions based on X11. With Android compatibility user has access to  an estimated 2 million Android apps.

What Debian applications are pre-installed on VolksPC OS ?

We have a base set off applications running on a XFCE desktop. This includes apps such as Firefox browser,  PDF viewer, LibreOffice office suite, text editor, Synaptic package manager, Deadbeef audio player, and Lxterminal.

Why doesn’t Debian run KDE or Gnome desktop ?

Both KDE and Gnome are big desktops in terms of memory usage.

 Is this technology same as Linux On Android ?

Linux on Android uses VNC viewer Android application  to display Linux desktop graphics. With VolksPC OS,  Linux desktop graphics is handled by  MicroXwin which is about 2-3X faster that X11 based Debian desktop.

Are all Debian applications supported by VolksPC OS?

MicroXwin supports all tool kits based on Xlib and has limited support for XCB. Most applications run seamlessly with MicroXwin.  Unfortunately  some newer applications use XCB which we don’t support. This includes QT5  based applications.

Who  is the default user on Debian ?

VolksPC OS  is set up to auto login into user  called desktop. There is no password prompt.

How is time zone and locale configured for Debian ?

When Debian starts up it reads these configuration parameters from Android settings. So if user changes Android settings it will take effect on the next boot.

How is keyboard configured for Debian ?

VolksPC OS  uses xmodmap to set up keyboard mapping tables. There are a set of  tables in /usr/share/xmodmap   that support PC105 keyboard for each language. Again this is initialized based on Android’s language settings.

How to change mouse acceleration for Debian ?

This can be set in  bash_profile under the home directory  (/bin/x11setaccel  thresh denominator numerator). The default setting  ( x11setaccel 5 1 5 ) works best for PS/2 mouse. You may need to change it if you use wireless mouse.

Is GPU supported on the unified distribution ?

Android supports GPU and OpenGL ES applications. Debian does not support GPU at this time. There are not many desktop applications that could benefit from OpenGL ES support. In fact Raspbian OS for the popular Raspberry Pi computer doesn’t enable GPU in their distribution even though open source GPU driver is available. Also contrary to popular opinion, GPU doesn’t help with 2D rendering.

What is the default keyboard short cut to switch between Debian and Android  ?

The default keyboard short cut is Left ALt + Left Meta (Windows key). This can be changed by the user if necessary.