This page provides information to install software on the   ODROID-C2 board  from  Hardkernel . The installation process first involves installing our Android image that is platform dependent followed by installation of the Debian image ( which is shared across all platforms.  The Android self-install image is similar to that provided by Hardkernel but has all the changes necessary to run Debian.  Please verify and test the Android image before you install the Debian image.

ODROID-C2 Android Installation

When you buy the ODROID-C2  software you will be provided a link to the Android image that you need to install on EMMC or SDCARD. Please make sure that you have at least 16GB of storage. The Android  software (selfinstall-odroidc2-volkspc-version.img) is compressed with 7-Zip utility that is available for both Windows and Linux.

Debian ARMHF XFCE Image

Make sure that our Android image works properly on your device before installing the Debian image. The  Debian Stretch XFCE image is shared across all platforms and has been modified from standard Debian to use our graphics technology.  You can download XFCE image (  and copy  it to a USB drive. Our VOLKSPC Android Installer application can install  this on  EMMC or MicroSD card. Check this installation video

To uninstall a Debian installation you have to exit from the Debian desktop and use the Installer application to remove Debian completely. Please be aware that this will also remove any user file that you created as a Debian user.

The “root” password is “root” and the “desktop” password is “desktop”.

The is based on Debian distribution with some changes. You can download StretchSourceChanges.tar file, which has the sources for the GPL/LGPL software that we have changed.