Run Linux and Android Applications

We have developed an unified VolksPC OS that can run both Android and Debian applications with the following features:

  • Full support for running Android applications.
  • Support for Debian XFCE desktop and applications.
  • Debian GUI applications run faster, thanks to MicroXwin.
  • Android applications run at native speeds without any emulation.
  • Instantaneous switching between Android and Debian desktop.
  • Quick launch of Android applications from Debian desktop.
  • Users can install applications from Google play store and Debian repository

Here is a video of  VolksPC OS running on the quad core ODROID-C2 ARM board made by Hardkernel.

Here is a comparison of our VolksPC OS against Ubuntu Mate desktop, the official release from Hardkernel.

Based on gtkperf, our graphics is about 176% faster while using same amount of memory as Ubuntu Mate  desktop.  So to summarize,  with VolksPC OS , Linux desktop GUI is faster and users can also run an estimated 2 millions Android applications.

VOLKSPC Installer

Some devices  will  only have  Android installed and user will have to install the VolksPC Debian image  to provide the Debian desktop applications.  Another possibility is that the user wants to upgrade the Debian desktop. This can be done by the VolksPC  Android application shown below.


The installer menu items are:

1. Install VOLKSPC Debian distribution- The installer first looks for the installation zip file on Micro SD card, USB stick or internal flash. For convenience may be distributed by factory on a Micro SD card.

Our Installation page  has information on how to get on to a USB stick or Micro SD card and use it for installation.

2. Remove VOLKSPC  Debian distribution- This will remove the distribution from internal flash. You will need to log out of Debian before you can uninstall. Any files created by Linux user “desktop” will also be removed.

3. Switch to VolksPC desktop- This allows switching to Debian desktop.

Here is a video on how to use the VolksPC installer.